About me and my work

I fell in love with metal in the 1990's and completed my 5 year degree (BFA) in Metal Design at the UW Seattle in 1998. I have been making things out of metal for over 20 years, I love my job and I love making my clients happy!

I use silver and gold with a 50- 90% post consumer content from Hauser and Miller, precious metals manufacturer since 1909. They purchase from fair labor practicing mines. I believe that purchasing high quality jewelry with a post consumer content that is repairable and recyclable is very important. I strive to purchase my other materials from suppliers that offer sustainable options whenever I can.

I make jewelry in small batches, starting with metal in sheet, and wire forms, minimizing waste and resources wherever I can. My manufacturing process strives to strengthen the metal by using hand forming techniques. I use solid sterling silver, gold or bimetal instead of plating. Bimetal is sheets of 22k or 18k gold fused with sterling silver. The result is repairable, easily recyclable and avoids the use of cyanide solutions needed for plating.